Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Funny, raw, and a reminder to the power of the independent flick. Before Kevin Smith got all Jersey Girl on us, he knew his craft. Watch this to know the beginnings of it.

8.5 outta 10

Romancing the Stone

No Indiana Jones this. Must've been a fun movie then, hasn't aged well though.

5 outta 10

The Machinist

Predictable, yet engrossing. Well directed, decent performances... very difficult to find fault with really. But the sum of it's parts does not measure up.

6.5 outta 10

Cold Mountain

An okay movie, elevated by fine performances by Law and Zellweger, and lovingly mounted photography. Captures some of the horrors of war, but in a more family friendly manner.

6.5 outta 10


Poetic, exquisite. A breathtaking painting drwan on a huge canvas, and justifiably so. Yimou's first Martial Arts movie, and such a triumph!

9.5 outta 10


Whatever you say, I'm a big fan of David Mamet and his mastery over the language. There's just so much subtext here for the non-casual film buff that it's easily watchable thrice. A weak third act, but made up for by Kilmer's incredible screen presence, not to mention top notch acting.

7.5 outta 10


7.5 outta 10

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Resident Evil : Apocalypse

I don't watch these movies to judge them, say that they are abysmal, and generally feel masochistic. I watch movies like RE:A for the one plus hour of campy action they promise. Same reason I watched Blade:Trinity. Same reason I watch any of the mindless action movies that come out every year.

This one failed to deliver even that. Not scary, not funny. A few action sequences were well done though. Not enough masala to qualify for a time pass status. But Milla Jovovich is tasty. Sienna Guillory is yum too!

If anybody reading this is a videogame fan, there's Jill Valentine in it, as well as Nemesis, but dumbed down, Hollywood ishtyle.

Strictly for DVD rental/borrowing. 3 outta 10

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


This is real movie. Real characters. Depth in the screenplay. Delicately and exquisitely acted by Giamatti, Church, Madsen, and even Oh. Tightly directed. Lovingly crafted. Funny to boot. This is a movie just like wine. To be savored.

9 outta 10.

Shark Tale

Abysmally mediocre. The story sounded like a 80s Mithun flick. The animation was fairly ok, but the acting was lack lustre. Infact this movie was, pardon the pun, shallow. Bad waste of good time. (No money was involved, thank God)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A recap to what I've been watching

8 outta 10

8 outta 10

6.5 outta 10

a rotten egg

7 outta 10

abysmal - minus 2

8.5 outta 10

9.5 outta 10

..more as i watch em. haha!